Tilde elisp package archive

Table of Contents

I decided that I didn't want to interact with other people when publishing my package, because somehow I'm antisocial like that This means that there is now a new package repository available for you to use

1. Installation

Usage of the repo is similar to how you'd install melpa and stuff

(add-to-list 'package-archives '("tilde" . "https://tilde.cafe/~crazazy/elpa/"))

2. Adding your own package

Right now this archive is kinda barren, and the amount of packages is countable on 1 hand. You can help change that! Just send a mail to crazazy@tilde.cafe with your package where it is located and if you have any special files that need to be put in there (or just send a whole MELPA recipe, I use those internally anyways)

2.1. What I'm looking for

There are some standards that I want to follow in order to give this package repository a more tilde-like or grassroots-style feel. Mostly this means:

  • Don't depend on melpa (prefer if you depend just on packages from GNU elpa but nonGNU is fine). The reason for this is that melpa is HUGE. You can seriously improve update time if you don't refresh melpa automatically, and it is not installed by default on an emacs system.
  • That's it! there used to be other requirements but they were just dumb.

Author: Crazazy

Created: 2024-05-14 Tue 22:00