Crazazy's literal config

Table of Contents

This is my collection of literal config for my global and emacs setup you can git clone the org files at this link

In this document I'm mostly going to set up some prerequisites for tangling other files and setting up dependencies

1. Dependencies

Dependencies are handled by niv. I have put the dependencies in a shell file, rather than the output of niv itself, as I prefer that this configuration setup declares what I as a user would otherwise be doing by hand. Declarativity takes precendence over reproducibility here

1.1. initialization

First, we have to setup niv, you don't have to do anything here, as nix will just do everything for you

#!/usr/bin/env nix-shell
#!nix-shell -p niv -i bash
niv init --no-nixpkgs

Then, we remove the default stuff that niv comes with by default

niv drop niv

1.2. Adding dependencies

Now it is time to actually add some dependencies into niv

1.2.1. Emacs

This dependency adds nix infrastructure for emacs that I wrote a while ago. better to add it as a dependency now

niv add crazazy/emacs

1.2.2. NUR

the Nix User Repository that contains my old config, and custom packages some people made

niv add nix-community/NUR

1.2.3. emacs-ng

I don't want to exactly lose track of this, so I'm going to include emacs-ng just incase

niv add emacs-ng/emacs-ng

2. Other stuff

Other files that are available right now are the nixos config and the emacs config If you have any questions or comments about this repository, just HMU at crazazy (at) tilde (dot) cafe

Author: Crazazy

Created: 2024-05-14 Tue 22:01