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diff --git a/ b/ diff --git a/ b/ diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,47 @@ +#+title: Crazazy's literal config +#+author: Crazazy + +This is my collection of literal config for my global and emacs setup + +In this document I'm mostly going to set up some prerequisites for tangling other files and setting up dependencies + +It is assumed that you have nix and emacs installed for this config to work. You can tangle all files [[elisp:(dolist (i (directory-files (file-name-directory (buffer-file-name (current-buffer))) t "\\.org$")) (org-babel-tangle-file i))][with this link]] +You can then install required dependencies with [[shell:./ &][the bootstrap link]] +* Dependencies + Dependencies are handled by [[][niv]]. I have put the dependencies in a shell file, rather than the output + of niv itself, as I prefer that this configuration setup declares what I as a user would otherwise be doing + by hand. Declarativity takes precendence over reproducibility here +** initialization + + First, we have to setup niv, you don't have to do anything here, as nix will just do everything for you + #+begin_src sh :tangle :tangle-mode (identity #o755) + #!/usr/bin/env nix-shell + #!nix-shell -p niv -i bash + niv init + #+end_src + + Then, we remove the default stuff that niv comes with by default + #+begin_src sh :tangle + niv drop nixpkgs + niv drop niv + #+end_src +** Adding dependencies + Now it is time to actually add some dependencies into niv +*** Emacs + This dependency adds nix infrastructure for emacs that I wrote a while ago. better to add it as a dependency now + #+begin_src sh :tangle + niv add crazazy/emacs + #+end_src +*** NUR + the [[][Nix User Repository]] that contains my old config, and custom packages some people made + #+begin_src sh :tangle + niv add nix-community/NUR + #+end_src +*** emacs-ng + I don't want to exactly lose track of this, so I'm going to include [[][emacs-ng]] just incase + #+begin_src sh :tangle + niv add emacs-ng/emacs-ng + #+end_src +* Other stuff + Other files that are available right now are [[][the nixos config]] and [[][the emacs config]] + If you have any questions or comments about this repository, just HMU at [[]]